Mozilla Testing Speech Recognition to Challenge Google AI Dominance


Mozilla, the company which is responsible for developing the Firefox browser, has begun testing a feature that lets you enter a search query using your voice instead of typing it in, according to reliable resource earlier this month. This technology will help Mozilla enhance Firefox’s ability to compete with the Google Chrome browser.

Users of Mac, Windows or Linux can turn on the “Voice Fill” function of the experimental nature, and use it in Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. The function Voice Fill will widely supports other websites.

The desktop Chrome voice technology enables users can access Google search, Yahoo, Microsoft’s Bing and Google’s mobile search service with voice input support earlier since 2003, but, desktop Firefox has never been able to access the Google search by voice fill, now Mozilla want to boost the competitiveness of its desktop browser.

Couple of weeks ago, Mozilla released Common Voice Project that allows people to “donate” recordings of them saying various things in order to build up “an open-source voice recognition engine” that anyone will be able to use. Mozilla would use the pronunciation of “Voice fill” and Common Voice Project to further improve the accuracy of speech recognition, according the interview of Andre Natal, who is Speech technology engineer.

Beforehand, Facebook had also aggressively into the field of speech recognition. With the rise of Smart speaker with Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod, it has further heat the promoted speech technology.

Mozilla now has five staffs in all working in speech research by now, and about 30 people working on voice technology research team, Natal said. Eventually the team wants to make the technology work in languages other than English.

Mozilla introduced the browser Firefox earlier in 2002. Over the years, the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation has received financial support from Google and Yahoo. Mozilla CEO Chris Beard is currently focused on trying to get people to care about the company again, Recent activities include the launch of the Firefox Focus mobile browser and the acquisition of read-it-later app Pocket.

The famed browser between Chrome and Firefox is going to settle on November after the launch of Firefox 57, tell us which browser you like best on macOS and why. Which one do you think worth the best Mac browser in 2017 ever?

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Although there are 300 million active users in Mozilla Firefox, Chrome has more than 1 billion, then how can Mozilla Firefox win this battle, do you think will Mozilla fight back?

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