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Facebook had just announced that it would be shutting down its Parse developer platform, and ended the service on January 28, 2017.

“We have a difficult announcement to make. Beginning today we’re winding down the Parse service, and Parse will be fully retired after a year-long period ending on January 28, 2017. We’re proud that we’ve been able to help so many of you build great mobile apps, but we need to focus our resources elsewhere.” Kevin Lacker, the CTO of Facebook Parse wrote on the blog.

Facebook purchased Parse, which is a toolkit and support system for mobile developers in 2013 with an acquisition price of $85 million. It is a shocking news that Facebook is going to wind down Parse because Facebook keeps updating the platform. Parse launched a series of new tools helping developers work with Apple’s WatchOS and tvOS last month. Also, Parse Product Manager Supratik Lahiri promised more updates in the future.

Yet the bright side of this announcements is that Facebook will provide a year for developers to stop relying in its hosted Parse services, and provide several tools to help migrate applications to other services.

According to the blog, Facebook is releasing a database migration tool that ensures clients to migrate data from Parse application to any MongoDB database. Another release is the open source Parse Sever, which enables clients to keep application running without major changes in the client-side code.

Though Parse provides a paid service for clients and even serve some big enterprises like Quip and Orbitz, Facebook also grows stronger in mobile market with 90% of the service’s monthly active users accessing it on their phones in the last quarter of 2015. Thus what Parse can bring for Facebook becomes negligible.


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VPN error 720 is one of the several network connections errors. The description of the error message says that Connection to the remote computer could not be established. However, VPN error 720 is a very common VPN connection error. In order to resolve the issue, you are required to assign valid VPN server IP address.

Simple steps to resolve the issue

You should go through the simple steps shared by experienced users in order to resolve ‘How to fix 720 VPN error’. You should open the Network and Sharing Center and click on ‘Change Adapter Settings’. The incoming connection should be found and you should right click on it to go to properties.

If you click on networking tab, you can find ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’. You should click on ‘Use the following IP address’ and the router IP address should be typed. The IP address will be like or 192.168.11.xx.

Isolation of issue in a systematic way

When you face any kind of network error, you should want to check the issue with the PC. If you isolate issues that are related to your computer, – for example, you make sure that your computer is (DNS) hijackware / (half) malware free, as they could have the ability to change your local connection settings without knowing. To proactively protect your PC against adware, bloatware even other malicious programs, you should always scan your downloaded items by using an up-to-date virus protection before running it – again, direct opening 3rd-party project is not recommended!

Then you can move ahead and resolve the issue that is related to the network. If you find no issues with the PC or the internet connection, it should be dealt with the VPN service provider.

If you consult the VPN service provider, you will get help to resolve, ‘How to fix 720 VPN error’. It is a common network error where connection with remote computer is not established. If you are still face any issues with the connection, you will want to contact the VPN service provider.

RAS server issue

You can experience VPN 720 error if the computer and the RAS server do not have the same protocol. If the RAS is not configured properly, you might face this kind of issue.

If you are using RRAS, you should ensure that windows client is running PPTP as well. The following steps can be performed in this context:

Click on the Start button. Click on control panel and double click on ‘network connections’. You should click on VPN connection under ‘virtual private network’. Select ‘properties’. You should click on the ‘networking’ tab in the VPN connection properties dialog box. You should ensure that the protocol, RAS server is running.

If there is no protocol which says that RAS server is running, you should add required protocol. It can be done through the following steps:

You should click on ‘install’. After clicking on the protocol, you should click on ‘add’. You should click on the protocol that you need to install and click on ‘OK’. Click ‘close’ on the VPN Connection Properties dialog box.

If the connection to the remote computer is failed, you will find yellow exclamation mark in the WAN miniport IP device. In such cases, you should uninstall TCP/IP. The second WAN miniport IP device should be removed. And, TCP/IP should be installed again. For regular users, you can also consider using an industry-leading VPN brand instead, this would def. help save you big time and energy. Take a close look at this list of top VPN service providers for 2015 & 2016 here.


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Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus stated it will take 10 years to popularize VR helmets when he was interviewed by The Financial Times.

Virtual Reality is supposed to be one of the themes at Consumer Electronics Show this week. Sony, HTC and Oculus plan to launch their VR helmets in the first half of 2016.

Palmer Luckey told the reporter of The Financial Times that it will take years for VR products to replace smartphone mainstream platform.

When he was asked for how long, Luckey said it might need 5 years or 10 years, it depends. He doesn’t think it is successful to for making slim glasses with VR devices.

Luckey claimed that VR technology needs to be further developed or it will be criticized as Google Glass did.

Oculus did not reveal the price of Oculus Rift which will be released in March. Lucky implied it could be an investment to buy Oculus Rift. It will attract some electric game fans and early users when it comes to the public.

Luckey said it might spend $1500 to purchase a set of VR devices, including a VR helmet and a PC with excellent performance. Facebook and Oculus have set Oculus Rift to the bottom price to explore the VR market so that more users can afford it.

Oculus and Samsung teamed up to launch a cheaper Gear VR helmet last December. Gear VR avails of Galaxy smartphone as screen and processor instead of a PC. It sells at $99. Gear VR is a cool device. It is handy and able to be experienced the VR in any place.

Oculus claimed Rift will be sold with Eve Valkyrie and Lucky’s Tale a few weeks ago.

Luckey indicated that Facebook and Oculus will work together to promote Rift. He predicted that VR technology will affect Skype or Messaging services much in the future.


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For Apple, as 2015 has drawn to a close, it’s natural to look back at what the company did last year with an eye on what that means for 2016. The product innovations including Apple’s first wearable, the Apple Watch; the redesigned single-post, super-slim MacBook that incorporates Force Touch; the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that offer 3D Touch (and other innovations like Live Photos); and, of course, the inroduction of the iPad Pro. The company also gave its Apple TV set-top box its first overhaul in years, adding an App Store all its own for the first time. And Apple banked on its 2014 partnership with IBM to develop a range of additional MobileFirst iOS apps covering 65 professions across 14 industries.

All in all, that’s not-very-shabby set of accomplishments. So, what is ahead in 2016?

Apple Watch 2 (and watchOS 3)

Apple’s first major revelation of 2016 is likely to be a second-generation Apple Watch, accompanied by an update to watchOS. Although there’s ample speculation on new features Apple could pack into the updated smartwatch — features like a FaceTime camera or even 3D Touch capabilities.

New iPhones (and maybe even a new 4-in. model)

Of course, Apple will announce a new generation of iPhones next fall, likely delivering an all-new design. Rumors that the company will also introduce a new 4-in. model in the spring seem less solid. Although Apple has kept the smaller iPhone 5S around, it appears that’s simply so it can offer an entry-level device for no money down with a contract.

Expanding Apple Pay

Apple Pay has seen a fair amount of growth in the U.S., particularly in the number of banks and other financial institutions supporting the platform. Widespread acceptance at merchants has grown at a slower pace, though the liability shift this fall that encouraged merchants to begin accepting EMV chip cards has spurred some wider adoption, including in the small business sector

Getting iOS out of the way of the iPad Pro

One consistent thread among iPad Pro reviews has been that the device’s hardware is held back by the constraints of iOS. This will prove an interesting challenge for Apple to solve. The company definitely wants to maintain a consistent mobile OS and maintain it as separate from OS X.

Continuing to invade the enterprise

Apple staked its claim to enterprise mobility with the iPhone and with its mobile management capabilities as far back as 2010. Partnerships with IBM, Cisco and others are continuing to drive enterprise adoption of iOS devices.

A more diverse company

If there’s one thing that you can say about Apple in 2016, it’s that the company will have diversified its product lines, services, and interests compared to just two or three years ago. That should give it a solid footing to expand its revenue sources and help it to capture broader shares of existing markets, particularly in the enterprise.

PC user? Learn information about how to resolve the Windows OS issues here


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Panda Internet Security 2016 is a new build of security suite, which is designed to offer full protection for users who are running Windows, Android, iOS and Mac and other devices. Keeping yourself is way easier if you have a right tool.

The provider is experienced in the security software business for more than 25 years. It’s a reliable company and its security software is reliable, too. Well, Panda IS 2016 should be the wise choice for your personal computer, your team even your company.

This new software offers a wide range of features: accurate antivirus, browser protection with an optional toolbar, firewall, data shield, parental controls…All the features protect our computer for detecting and blocking intruders for online and offline time.

Besides, it has an control layer for you to block something malicious if malware tries to circumvent Windows’ own controls. When you are playing a game or watching a movie, there is a gaming/multimedia mode to not pop up notifications. There is a special feature included—Parental Control, it’s for protect your family (especially your children) from some inappropriate content such as pornography, drugs, weapons, etc.  

The antivirus, device optimisation, a location service, an optional choice for you to lock or wide the device remotely, all the features above are available for Android. But Mac and iOS are only offered with the basic protection—antivirus and an iPhone location service.

AV-Comparatives did a test on this software, the result shows that it made a good performance in every aspects. It was ranked at the top of the security software for its scanning speed and scanning results. It provides full virus detection with the least device impact on your computer. It is said that the program runs well with the computer even you won’t notice it’s there, but it is running all the time.

It’s easy to set up this program, and with an optional installation included—a browser toolbar. It will change your home and search pages if you want to install this browser toolbar also.

No matter whether you are a regular user of Panda’s security software or not, there are enough reasons for you to choose Panda Internet Security 2016. Good or not, check it out yourself. Furthermore, read this review to see how Panda Global Protection 2016 (Beta) can help your team first-hand, and get more done at work, as well.


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