The latest product from Apple, iPhone 8/8 Plus is just coming in a month, now some serious issue has been occurred in lots consumers. The crack happen in iPhone 8 has reached over 10 cases, all over the word now has exposed more details of the breaking iPhone 8.

According to the recent report, the breaking or cracking iPhone 8 performances like splitting at the front panel from the box after unpacking or charging use appear soon, like internal components such as batteries, etc.

However, the earlier response from Apple, said the new shell burst a preliminary investigation is a battery problem, which is not serious security incidents, more detailed survey results will be announced at the end of the survey.

The iPhone 8 , 8 Plus and soon-to-be-released iPhone X all feature the all-new glass design, allowing them to be charged wirelessly.

This isn’t the first time Apple has used glass in its iPhones. The iPhone 4 and 4s had glass front and back panels, but they were plagued by durability issues, with many customers claiming their phones cracked too easily when dropped.

Apple claims that the glass used in the new iPhones is the most durable glass to ever appear in a smartphone.

The breaks of iPhone remind many people of the battle issue of Samsung Note 8, many users have complain and worried their new devices that stays at hand every moment.

Currently, Apple had already done iPhone 8 drop test to prove their product is truly better and harder than Samsung Note 8.

Some customers have received a phone with a quality problem, but most of the problems may have been caused by inappropriate transportation, the Company said.

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Kids are so young and naïve to protect themselves from the malicious or dangerous events through the internet, sometimes things just out of control for parents, because they can’t always be always watching. But if there is an App on Mac which it helps to not only keep your child on the internet safe, but protect their devices from fraud, unwanted calls and SMS? In addition, what if you could find your child’s device in case it’s lost or stolen? This would definitely make your life easier and make a better world, would you like take use this app tool for now?

Why better to install Kaspersky Safe Kids

This magic application is Kaspersky Safe Kids both for PC and Mac, and it is thus we are taking today. If you have the worries about internet safety with your kids, then keep on reading.

The topic today is how to correctly monitor the safety and greenness in internet environment with kids reasonably. That’s because, no matter your kids are doing their homework online, watching cartoons or watching inappropriate content, those might be seen the same on their phones or tablets, which means you can’t not tell the difference and stop them doing the wrong thing in time. Watching everything in internet with your kids is not a bad thing as a parent, but “too much”s spying seems not a good idea to reduce the truth of your own kids. So, installing a special app “watching 24 hours” is a better option.

The Kaspersky Company had published an article named >Internet-proof your kids with Kaspersky Safe Kids #safekids</cite to further explain why and how to use their product Kaspersky Safe Kids to truly ensure the internet safety with kids. And Kaspersky Lab even developed a new multi-platform service called Safe Kids that can create a special safeguarded zone to help kids explore the digital world safely. Available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS, the service is able to protect all kinds devices of your children.

Don’t forget this: Kaspersky Safe Kids can connect with several devices to work as a team to better supervise your kids under internet. And you have troubles with completely and safely uninstalling Kaspersky Safe Kids for Mac please click here to learn more.

Protect your child from inappropriate websites and objectionable communications

Once your children surf to inappropriate websites and objectionable communications without any adult at side, then what to do? Well, all you need to do it setup your Kaspersky Safe Kids to send an alert to your phone, which can perfectly control the situation. You might block some suspicious websites or phone number into black list, too, if it needed.

Limiting online time of your kids

What if your children spend hours and hours on surfing internet and little video games? Don’t worry that, Kaspersky Safe Kids will solve those issues of online time for you appropriately. With Kaspersky Safe Kids, it will tell or remind your kid when he/she drop phones or tablet to go to sleep or lunch. As time passes, you’ll find your kids become more self-conscious day by day, that’s because of the common into contract with Kaspersky Safe Kids.

Finding child’s current location in time

Last but not least, the location of your kid is so important for a parent to know every time. Sometimes some kids just have the kip out on school once or twice in their life, then Kaspersky Safe Kids makes to work very useful, it allows finding out where your kids are at any given moment, because Kaspersky Safe Kids let you track their location via GPS in real time.

Sometime even worse, when kids lost their way, and you can receive a warning or get a notification immediately for the second the cross the safe zones you setup before. And this is also the reason why you can find back the lost or stolen phone by this GPS service.

More importantly, Kaspersky Safe Kids is a powerful tool that gives you the opportunity to come to your child’s rescue right in time.

In short: As the matter of fact, it’s much easier not to be a spy with the Safe Kids app: you don’t need to look through your kids private messaging, or check what exactly they read and watch, or follow them to and from school every time every second. All you have to do is install a Kaspersky Safe Kids and make sure both the safety in internet and real place of your kids. Good news is the app is free for 30-day trail, so you can give it a try right now.

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Facebook Inc.has hired a veteran executive and former Chinese official William Shuai for a new position leading its government relations here, in another sign it is escalating efforts to regain access to China according the recent news from the Wall Street Journal, the action of hiring former officials this time is another sign that Facebook is stepping up its efforts to rejoin the Chinese market again.

Before joining Facebook, William Shuai served in leading English (Linkedin) China operations, and is responsible for Government Relations Department.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, thinks China is vital to the growth of the company, has been always seeking the opportunities to return to the Chinese market. In May this year, Facebook was seen to create a phone app Colorful Balloons to back to China and Zuckerberg is fund of Chinese culture as he always does in the past, he had even tried to learned Chinese. Now this is a big step to return China market from Facebook, the popular social network in the world.

Shuai said he was trying to learn more about his new company and he did not respond more in the letter written to the Wall Street Journal.

Shuai will work closely with Wang-Li Moser, Chief China representative of Facebook. Hired in 2014, Moser helped build a face-to-face relationship with Chinese government officials. And Moser also accompanied Zuckerberg to build the high-level talks with Chinese leaders. Before joined Facebook, Moser had been working ten years in Intel’s China office.

Similarly, Shuai has years of experience in building relationships between business and government officials. Before joining Linkedin, Shuai was in charge of government relations at China’s Internet search giant Baidu. And before working in Baidu, Shuai had worked for public office in the China national development and the reform committee.

William Shuai will response for the approval procedures of e-government programs and information security projects in many countries according the introduction in Linkedin page.

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Mozilla, the company which is responsible for developing the Firefox browser, has begun testing a feature that lets you enter a search query using your voice instead of typing it in, according to reliable resource earlier this month. This technology will help Mozilla enhance Firefox’s ability to compete with the Google Chrome browser.

Users of Mac, Windows or Linux can turn on the “Voice Fill” function of the experimental nature, and use it in Google, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo. The function Voice Fill will widely supports other websites.

The desktop Chrome voice technology enables users can access Google search, Yahoo, Microsoft’s Bing and Google’s mobile search service with voice input support earlier since 2003, but, desktop Firefox has never been able to access the Google search by voice fill, now Mozilla want to boost the competitiveness of its desktop browser.

Couple of weeks ago, Mozilla released Common Voice Project that allows people to “donate” recordings of them saying various things in order to build up “an open-source voice recognition engine” that anyone will be able to use. Mozilla would use the pronunciation of “Voice fill” and Common Voice Project to further improve the accuracy of speech recognition, according the interview of Andre Natal, who is Speech technology engineer.

Beforehand, Facebook had also aggressively into the field of speech recognition. With the rise of Smart speaker with Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod, it has further heat the promoted speech technology.

Mozilla now has five staffs in all working in speech research by now, and about 30 people working on voice technology research team, Natal said. Eventually the team wants to make the technology work in languages other than English.

Mozilla introduced the browser Firefox earlier in 2002. Over the years, the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation has received financial support from Google and Yahoo. Mozilla CEO Chris Beard is currently focused on trying to get people to care about the company again, Recent activities include the launch of the Firefox Focus mobile browser and the acquisition of read-it-later app Pocket.

The famed browser between Chrome and Firefox is going to settle on November after the launch of Firefox 57, tell us which browser you like best on macOS and why. Which one do you think worth the best Mac browser in 2017 ever?

Looking for effective method to get rid of Mozilla Firefox Mac browser, visit here for help now.

Although there are 300 million active users in Mozilla Firefox, Chrome has more than 1 billion, then how can Mozilla Firefox win this battle, do you think will Mozilla fight back?

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You might be the first time seeing this creepiest iPhone charger in the planet earth, and it looks like just an umbilical cord, not the end of all, it might be the most expensive charger cord in the world.

Created by Japanese artist Mio Izawa, the terrifying charging cable – dubbed “flesh sucking phone charger” in one YouTube clip – is now on-sale for $6,000, some £4,600. Well, it’s enough that you get an iPhone 7 Plus. Mio is all about the intersection of the human body and technology. She also created a “Heart on a Leash” while completing her graduate degree at Tama Art University.

The USB charger is available to buy on Etsy


This USB charger is just look like a human mother’s umbilical cord, most of people somehow wouldn’t accept this type as disgusting and creepy. Cord connection fetal and placental mammals of the tubular structure, constituted by two arteries and one vein. When USB cord charging, there will be micro-moving just like mother transporting nutrients to her baby. Mio said the purpose of designing this kind of umbilical cord as iPhone USB charger is to show the addiction to smartphone by humans.

“Now people bring their iPhone all the time in their lives. I designed the looking of this cable as an umbilical cord, which mother feeds energy to her baby.” “It moves as if it’s trying to introduce iPhone into, just like to express an irony to people’s dependance on iPhone.”

It’s actually called the Grow Cable by designer Mio, are you willing to buy such a expensive creepiest umbilical cord iPhone charger that reminds you the scary memory of American movie Alien mostly?

How much would you pay to top-up your iPhone’s battery life with a USB charger that resembles a pulsating umbilical cord?

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