New York Times reported that Microsoft will further shrink the Windows phone business section due to the poor sales

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it will streamline 1,850 employees, among 1,350 positions are from Finland where its Windows phone business originated. Microsoft claimed the streamline plan is a part of the $950 million cost-saving plan.

Terry Myerson, vice president of Microsoft Windows and Device department stated in the email which sent to its employees that the company made a hard decision and it will focus on the development of smart phone hardware.

It is a bad news to streamline workforce to Microsofts Windows phone business as there are not enough employees left in Windows phone business section.

When Microsoft acquired Nokia cellphone business section, about 25,000 employees joined Microsoft. With the poor sales of Windows phone, Microsoft cut jobs to save cost. It announced to lay off 18,000 employees in 2014, most of them were involved in Nokia acquisition. Microsoft further streamlined 7,800 employees last year to simplify the product of smart phone. Microsoft then had about 110,000 employees.

The sales of traditional cellphone have been affected by smartphones. Nokia has its own time, however, its advantage did not last for a long time compared with the rise of smartphones.

Even though Microsoft some smart phones got likes, however, the third party app developers assumed there were fewer attractions from the consumers.

Gartner reported that among the smartphone shipments in Q1 2015, there were 2.5% of smartphones using Microsoft OS. However, this figure dropped to under 1% in Q1 2016.

Last week, Nokia announced to authorize its licensing brand to Foxconn and HMD Global for the production of Nokia cellphones.

Satya Nadella promoted the R&D team to launch mobile applications based on iPhone and Android operating systems. Microsoft also released the universal Windows operating system that could be run on other devices. This could attract more developers to use its OS.

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Microsoft Edge has a whole new application icon and graphical user interface (GUI). And, personally, Edge will gain more touch screen end-users, even though it still has a long way to go. Below are almost everything you need to know about new & vital upgrades to Microsofts latest browser program for Windows 10.

Well, there are 3 big changes in Edge, which too makes Windows 10 Build 14316 more cutting edge:

1. Want to upload or share your stuff (* file folders) within very few clicks (* Drag then drop)? Then, you have chose the right tool! Yes, Edge will help get the job done (better) in seconds. Because the newest version of Edge will allows you to cloud a targeted folder to other popular sync services like Dropbox easily.

2. Experience the new Favorite folder! Currently, Edge has taken the most advantage of importing ones personal bookmarks, as Edge allows one to organize and manage his or her Favorite folder more efficiently. Example is, one can easily and safely move even remove the saved data, and start from scratch.

Meantime, please be kindly educated, some 3rd-party app like RealPlayer Cloud just cant be removed through Control Panel or, via so-called traditional uninstall measures. This even happens to Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework one only has the chance to disable that newly installed system feature from running on a Windows 10 & 7 based computer. And, if you have any other undesired programs for Windows, Mac & Linux, please get the most out of the how-to above one more thing, that mentioned blog too is sharing more proactive tips and more detailed instructions on how to take control of your programs list, browser configurations and other important system settings like Startup like a pro. Extra case studies are, additional junkware could be installed when performing the removal progress, some potentially unused components could be added to your program settings when choosing the "Express Install" mode.

3. Yet another reminder about your Download! By default, Edge will show you a pop-up window whenever youre about to completely shut down the browser client(s). This was developed to help secure your data in the in-progress download(s). 2ndly, Edge will also help free up more space on your system drive you can set a preferred download location on your computer.

Hit here if you want to learn more original change logs from the Microsoft Edge Team.

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TechCruch reported that chat applications considered as the future of communication field with the rapid development of mobile devices. For the youth, they prefer to use the chat applications to communicate rather than by emails nowadays.

The advantage of chat applications become more obviously. App Annie made a survey concerning the application of chat apps and e-mail, it indicated that email will be abandoned by the younger groups.

Users range from 13-24 years old, they prefer to spend time on chat applications. Their service time is 3.5 times than users who are over 45 years old.

The older users are accustomed to use the applications for traditional services, such as email and web browsers.
App Annie suggested the survey is based on the investigation of a great amount of real users. It combined with the independent data that the company collected.

However, its investigation just focused on Android smartphone users. It might not be able to reflect the whole US market trend, iOS users data might have the survey result changed then.

The older users prefer to use PC devices rather than smartphones. To whom are over 45 years old, they spent much more time on top 5 Android email applications than top five chat apps.

Whereas the younger groups make significant change for this. The younger groups range from 13 to 24 years old spent more time on chat apps than traditional services.

The chat apps become more popular and important with the economic development. Many of social networking companies modified their platforms to be more unique and attractive. Facebook has been attempting to improve the features of Messenger and WhatsApp. Besides this giant, Wechat, KakaoTalk and Line also made similar policies in other markets. In fact, the chat applications are the attractive points of the whole internet browsing under some circumstance.

The report showed the younger users stream video the most. Their share of overall usage time spent in top 5 video streaming apps is twice as older users who are over 45 years old.

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When Apple introduced a smaller iPad Pro on Monday, vice president Phil Schiller didn’t mince words when he discussed which customers Apple is aiming at with the product, along with its 12-inch sibling.

“When users of old PCs see the features and performance and capabilities of a product like the iPad Pro, designed for the modern digital lifestyle, many of them will find it is the ultimate PC replacement,” Schiller said during a press conference on Apple’s campus.

It’s unlikely that Microsoft executives are quaking in their boots, however. Apple’s position is clear: Windows is the past, and there are plenty of people with old PCs who are ripe for being turned into iPad users. Schiller said that Windows was designed for a world before the Internet, app stores, and social media. What’s more, he said that there are more than 600 million PCs that are at least five years old and still in use.

But it seems unlikely that Apple will manage to commandeer massive swaths of the Windows user base. Businesses appear to be doubling down on Windows with massive, earlier-than-expected rollouts of Windows 10, while consumer interest in iPads appears to be waning, not growing.

“So far, we haven’t seen any real impact from the iPad Pro on Windows 10 uptake with enterprises,” Gartner analyst Steve Kleynhans said. “I’d say generally, enterprises are moving very rapidly towards Windows 10, and nothing from Apple has slowed that down. I don’t think a smaller version of the same device is going to really change that.

Enterprises, which are in a position to make large-scale purchases of devices like iPads and Windows tablets, are usually slower to adopt things that they aren’t familiar with. IDC Vice President Lauren Loverde said it’s still easier for businesses to manage Windows devices than ones running iOS. That may lead companies to stick to the platform they’re comfortable with.

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Facebook had just announced that it would be shutting down its Parse developer platform, and ended the service on January 28, 2017.

We have a difficult announcement to make. Beginning today were winding down the Parse service, and Parse will be fully retired after a year-long period ending on January 28, 2017. Were proud that weve been able to help so many of you build great mobile apps, but we need to focus our resources elsewhere. Kevin Lacker, the CTO of Facebook Parse wrote on the blog.

Facebook purchased Parse, which is a toolkit and support system for mobile developers in 2013 with an acquisition price of $85 million. It is a shocking news that Facebook is going to wind down Parse because Facebook keeps updating the platform. Parse launched a series of new tools helping developers work with Apples WatchOS and tvOS last month. Also, Parse Product Manager Supratik Lahiri promised more updates in the future.

Yet the bright side of this announcements is that Facebook will provide a year for developers to stop relying in its hosted Parse services, and provide several tools to help migrate applications to other services.

According to the blog, Facebook is releasing a database migration tool that ensures clients to migrate data from Parse application to any MongoDB database. Another release is the open source Parse Sever, which enables clients to keep application running without major changes in the client-side code.

Though Parse provides a paid service for clients and even serve some big enterprises like Quip and Orbitz, Facebook also grows stronger in mobile market with 90% of the services monthly active users accessing it on their phones in the last quarter of 2015. Thus what Parse can bring for Facebook becomes negligible.

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