World’s Creepiest and Most Expensive iPhone Charger Showed Like an Umbilical Cord


You might be the first time seeing this creepiest iPhone charger in the planet earth, and it looks like just an umbilical cord, not the end of all, it might be the most expensive charger cord in the world.

Created by Japanese artist Mio Izawa, the terrifying charging cable – dubbed “flesh sucking phone charger” in one YouTube clip – is now on-sale for $6,000, some £4,600. Well, it’s enough that you get an iPhone 7 Plus. Mio is all about the intersection of the human body and technology. She also created a “Heart on a Leash” while completing her graduate degree at Tama Art University.

The USB charger is available to buy on Etsy


This USB charger is just look like a human mother’s umbilical cord, most of people somehow wouldn’t accept this type as disgusting and creepy. Cord connection fetal and placental mammals of the tubular structure, constituted by two arteries and one vein. When USB cord charging, there will be micro-moving just like mother transporting nutrients to her baby. Mio said the purpose of designing this kind of umbilical cord as iPhone USB charger is to show the addiction to smartphone by humans.

“Now people bring their iPhone all the time in their lives. I designed the looking of this cable as an umbilical cord, which mother feeds energy to her baby.” “It moves as if it’s trying to introduce iPhone into, just like to express an irony to people’s dependance on iPhone.”

It’s actually called the Grow Cable by designer Mio, are you willing to buy such a expensive creepiest umbilical cord iPhone charger that reminds you the scary memory of American movie Alien mostly?

How much would you pay to top-up your iPhone’s battery life with a USB charger that resembles a pulsating umbilical cord?

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