Removal Guide: How do I Remove Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare?


I am trying to uninstall Call of Duty, when I insert Disc 1 I get “cannot find insatll.log”.
I have both discs and they are both immaculate. Help, please!! From Les T who is from a forum.

Obviously, some users like Les T have problems to remove Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, a giant online game in computer in the world, but we today is going to list the proper ways to solve the trouble, let’s have look on how to completely uninstall Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (COD 4: MW) from Mac OS X.


The new action-thriller from the award-winning team at Infinity Ward, the creators of the Call of Duty®series, delivers the most intense and cinematic action experience ever. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare arms gamers with an arsenal of advanced and powerful modern day firepower and transports them to the most treacherous hotspots around the globe to take on a rogue enemy group threatening the world.

How you uninstall Call of Duty from Application

    1. Launch the Finder in Dock; 2. Go to the Application folder (where the application is loaded); 3. Select the Call of Duty icon or folder 4. Drag it to the Trash 5. Or right click to choose Move to Trash

That Call of Duty icon will gone from Application <Dock in the Mac computer, but its components and files are still remaining in the hard drive, the next step you should do is to eliminate them.

But not finished yet, you still have to go to the Library folder to delete all leftovers of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, that you can say you had removed COD 4: MW completely from macOS.

  • Launch Library folder by hit the Menu Bar, and select Go > Go to Folder…
  • Type “~/library” in the box, hit Go
  • Next search the files in the name of Call of Duty /COD/ Infinity Ward in the most usual folders like Application Support, Caches, and Preference;
  • Once they showed right-click to delete all of them
  • Finally, right-click Trash, choose Empty the Trash to confirm your whole removal.
  • Unluckily, you may miss some folders due to the different installed of unknown app in macOS, such as:
  • ~Library/Saved Application States
  • ~Library/Logs
  • ~Library/C

If it is quite difficult to clean all leftovers of COD 4 from Library in macOS for you, then you might try to eliminate the remaining files with an automatic tool, such as a removal tool runs for all installed apps in Mac computer.

I have seen that it uninstalled Call of Duty with only a couple of clicks with Osx Uninstaller in a short time:

Step 1: Run Analyze on the target.
Step 2: Complete Uninstall Call of Duty
Step 3: Successfully removed

For more information you can visit here to check out, hope it can be easier for you to get rid of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

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