Facebook Hired Former Government Officials Responsible for Relations in China


Facebook Inc.has hired a veteran executive and former Chinese official William Shuai for a new position leading its government relations here, in another sign it is escalating efforts to regain access to China according the recent news from the Wall Street Journal, the action of hiring former officials this time is another sign that Facebook is stepping up its efforts to rejoin the Chinese market again.

Before joining Facebook, William Shuai served in leading English (Linkedin) China operations, and is responsible for Government Relations Department.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, thinks China is vital to the growth of the company, has been always seeking the opportunities to return to the Chinese market. In May this year, Facebook was seen to create a phone app Colorful Balloons to back to China and Zuckerberg is fund of Chinese culture as he always does in the past, he had even tried to learned Chinese. Now this is a big step to return China market from Facebook, the popular social network in the world.

Shuai said he was trying to learn more about his new company and he did not respond more in the letter written to the Wall Street Journal.

Shuai will work closely with Wang-Li Moser, Chief China representative of Facebook. Hired in 2014, Moser helped build a face-to-face relationship with Chinese government officials. And Moser also accompanied Zuckerberg to build the high-level talks with Chinese leaders. Before joined Facebook, Moser had been working ten years in Intel’s China office.

Similarly, Shuai has years of experience in building relationships between business and government officials. Before joining Linkedin, Shuai was in charge of government relations at China’s Internet search giant Baidu. And before working in Baidu, Shuai had worked for public office in the China national development and the reform committee.

William Shuai will response for the approval procedures of e-government programs and information security projects in many countries according the introduction in Linkedin page.

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